Property Coach/Mentor

How a Coach can help you achieve your goals
Whether you’re looking to start out in building a property portfolio or need to go to the next level a coach and mentor can help you get there.

A good coach will help you in three main ways which I call the 3 C’s.

Clarity of purpose, goal, or the issue.

How do you know which road to take or strategy to adopt if you have no clear goals, outcomes or exit routes planned? As Stephen Covey states “ start with the end in mind” as there is nothing worse than working extremely hard climbing that ladder only to find that it is lent against the wrong wall!!

Together we can clarify your goals taking in to account your values, beliefs and real desires so that you have a greater chance of achieving them.   

Confidence to address issues and take the steps required.

Learn to overcome your doubts and limiting beliefs so that nothing holds you back. We all have moments when we feel challenged by events or factors we believe are beyond our control. Using techniques employed by highly successful individuals around the world you too can enjoy the fruits of your efforts whether that is spending time doing what you truly want, having the house and car you have dreamed of or just being able to have a choice.

Commitment to take those steps.

Through coaching you will be challenged and held accountable for your actions – or lack of!!

You will have a clear idea of the actions you need to take and by when.

Be able to celebrate your successes (which we all do not do enough of!) and overcome your obstacles or barriers preventing you from achieving your goals.  

A fully trained coach and mentor, Rob helps others involved in property investment. For further information visit

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