Rob McPhun

Learn Conversation Management Skills with Methods Developed
by Rob McPhun

Would it help if you had a simple, well-structured framework to work through so that you could approach the situation with confidence and clarity?

Learn the tried and tested methods developed by Rob McPhun in his conversation management framework P.A.U.S.E. © to gain the confidence and belief to address those issues and have those difficult conversations.

Learn to use your emotions in a positive way, overcome the fears associated with facing crucial conversations and gain the confidence to deal with future situations effectively and successfully. 

Rob, through support and guidance, will guide you and those around you to apply his conversation/conflict management framework, P.A.U.S.E. ©, leading to productive, successful and long-lasting positive relationships with those you work and/or socialise with. Learning how to manage your own emotions whilst influencing the emotions of others to move forward with issues, tackle challenging situations and becoming more efficient.
Helping you and your team to develop their soft skills, including active listening, effective communication, team building, leadership and emotional intelligence abilities so that you are well placed to progress and reach your potential whilst bringing out the best in others.

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